Library lends support


The Library is not only for studying but a place to get help with research.

Alex De Santiago

If you’re an LMC student who does nothing but study, and needs a quiet place to do it, you probably spend most of your time in the library. But what does the library offer other than a quiet place to study or check out books?

“I never really knew all of the resources available,” said former LMC student Jessica Martinez, who admitted she often felt intimidated in the library. “I don’t know if it was just a personal issue but I always was scared to ask librarians for help.” Martinez added.

“We are very dedicated to helping students, we love for them to come to us for help,” Technical Services Librarian Christine Park said. The library staff helps students browse the library catalog and look for textbooks or articles for papers and learn how to research. “Come to us at the reference desk, we are determined to help you,” Park said. The LMC library staff said they are always ready to help students every day with whatever they need.

“We set up a booth on Mustang day,” said Electronic Resources Librarian Kimberly Wentworth. The library staff uses that time to talk to students about all of the resources the library has to offer. They spend that time telling new students attending LMC how the library helps students specifically, and what they can do to make better use of the library.

“We have a ton of resources to help students,” Electronic Resources Librarian Kimberly Wentworth said, as she explained the library catalog and the difference between the circulation and reference desk. “In general, the reference desk helps you with any books you need to research,” Wentworth said. She added, “ Generally, the circulation desk is a place were you could read books as well as textbooks that are put on reserve or also check out books.”

It is also important for students to understand the key differences between a college library and a community library.

“The biggest difference between the LMC Library and a public library is really in the materials we have in our collection and in the types of instruction we provide to our users,” Library Director Christina Goff said, adding that the LMC library purchases materials based on the programs that are offered at the college. “So our collection is very relevant to the courses and assignments students are working on,” said Goff. The LMC librarians also view themselves as advocators.

“Another area of difference is in how we approach our role as teachers in the library,” said Goff. The library staff wants to teach students how to learn, so they can take those research skills with them and apply them to everyday lives.