Hot dogs for ‘two cents’


Tim Chard

Students get free hot dog for voicing their opinions.

Charles Powell

The grill was cooling and the smell of hot dogs was fading last Wednesday as Jairo Vazquez, president of Los Medanos College Asso- ciated Students reflected on this semesters first Student Life sponsored barbecue.

“It was a success. Our theme was ‘Voice Your Opin- ion.’ This was a way to give students incentive to share any concerns or problems they are having,” Vazquez said. “We have trouble get- ting students to come to our regular [LMCAS] meetings.”

Vazquez said that was one reason why LMCAS decided to host the event.

Besides providing free food, Vasquez used the op- portunity to ask students to fill out a questionnaire, to get their input on student life.

“It went pretty well. We got

about 100 sur veys completed and it was all very friendly. Students texted friends or left and brought more people,” Vazquez said. “Students asked if we were just giving out hot dogs and we told them about the sur vey. Some asked for applications to join the LMCAS,”

LMCAS meets ever y Mon- day from to 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Room L-106. The meetings are open to all students, but it’s usually only LMCAS students who attend them.

Student Life Coordinator Ashley Adams shared many of Vazquez’s sentiments about the event.

“The barbecue was a suc- cess. The hot dogs were good. The weather was awesome,” and best of all Adams said, “Students came and met their representatives – we want students to know this as a place to come, hang out and also get information about events on campus. ”

Students who missed out on this barbecue might be glad to learn that student clubs will be sponsoring barbecues on the first Wednesday of every month.

“The next will be sponsored by the Mighty Mustangs, a fitness club. Their theme will be breast cancer awareness to (match) October,” said Adams.

Although word about the barbecue did get out to some students, it did not reach ev- er yone, and for first students like Alesi Gonzalez, even the location of the Student Life

Office is a mystery. “It is my first semester

here,” said Gonzalez. “The financial aid process is really long.” he hopes to build on. “Students, faculty and staff

are busy,” Vazquez said. “If we want to get their opinions we need to give them a reason to take time out of their lives to do it and free food goes a long way.”

According to student Mi- chael Correa it was a good thing the barbecue was held, even though he didn’t know about it.

“I’m glad they were having an activity. Any activity really, for students to get involved with the school,” said Correa. “Maybe they could do a hip- hop/free style event.”

Beyond a desire for more things to do on campus there was a more serious concern for Correa.

“There are not enough classes,” Correa said.

According to Demetria Lawrence, the faculty advisor for the LMCAS, Correa’s comment falls exactly into the driving goal behind the student government.

“LMCAS is here to advocate student needs to the college, the district and on a state level, to learn what students needs are, gather information for them and give them access to that information,” Lawrence said.

For students interested in joining the LMCAS Lawrence explained Student Life is also there to help give them a chance to learn how to make positive changes in their community.

“The LMCAS helps to de- velop student leadership skills in a ver y fun and friendly environment,” Lawrence said.

For more information about LMCAS and upcoming events, email LMCAS President Jairo Vazquez at JVazquez2128041@

The Student Life Office is near the Child Development Center at the star t of the Planetarium walkway as you come to the college from the entrance, it is right off E Leland Road where the LMC bulletin sign is located.

Gonzalez said hot dogs won’t cut the mustard as far as drawing her to a barbecue, but pizza could do the trick.

For Vazquez, the successful aspects of the event are things