Find a fitting career

Jared Thomson

Are you undecided about your major or career goals? Overwhelmed by all your options?

The Career Center will host another Career Exploration Workshop on Thursday, Sept. 13 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Los Medanos College Library in Room L-213.

The workshop enables students to determine various possibilities and opportunities based on personality traits and particular interests to determine what might be the best route for them in life.

“A lot of times we just don’t know what’s out there,” said Lisa Spencer, Career Center Coordinator.

Students will have the opportunity to take various assessment tests that will analyze different strengths and talents with an emphasis on who you are and what is in your best interest.

“It allows us to explore our options,” said Spencer. “You can get a good idea of what fits for you.”

The Career Exploration Workshop is powered by a unique system developed by EUREKA, a public non-profit organization that was designed by various Bay Area educators to provide California students with the best career counsel- ing service and information easily accessible from comput- ers in the form of

Spencer says that the sys- tem utilizes a hexagon process based on career choice theor y of the late psychologist, John L. Holland. Holland believed that personality types connect well with certain work envi- ronments. He developed a code based on six personality types (investigative, realistic, ar tistic, conventional, social, enterprising) that could be mixed and matched to lead to specific job fields and careers. has many tools and resources available that may take a bit more time to discover than the workshop allows for, but it’s an excellent gateway to determine the best of many paths available for students, and they can access and continue the progress from the workshop when they log on to their account at eureka. org from home.

LMC student Brenda Aguilar says, “It’s helpful, I just have to explore more of the website.”

The Career Center regularly offers a variety of assessments in the areas of interests, per- sonality, skills and values to help students attain their goals.

“My teacher put this in as an optional assignment and I didn’t even know about it, but I’mveryhappythatIgottogo to it,” said student Lis Mitchell. “I think a lot of times, as a student, you don’t know the help that’s out there for you.”

Career Center staff will work with you to explore potential goals and refer you to campus counselors to develop an edu- cation plan. Visit http://www. vices/career/ to schedule an appointment for the workshop.

“I do a variety of workshops and students can also make appointments with me if they need help to find jobs,” said Spencer. “Students often grad- uate and have trouble finding jobs, but if they graduate and come see me I can help them.”

Emails from Spencer end with an impor tant quote from the Chinese philosopher, Confucius: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Walk-ins are accepted, but it’s recommended that stu- dents make an appointment to reserve a seat to ensure that they don’t miss out.

Spencer emphasizes that she will gladly assist students who make an appointment with her, if they cannot attend the workshop.