Talent show demonstrates support from LMC learning communities

Student shine with each performance


Photo by Aliyah Ramirez

Kat Garcia sets a captivating performance to win first place.

Aliyah Ramirez, Staff Writer

The curtain is drawn and the stage is set for Los Medanos College students to showcase their special talents to the crowd, with applause racing across the room after each performance.

The learning communities talent show was put together through a collaborative effort across Honors, Umoja, Puente, MESA and Transfer Academy. Hosting the event on April 25 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. on the second floor of the student union, participants competed to win up to $200 in grand prize money, determined by the audience’s choice of the best talent.  

Together, representatives from each learning community communicated back and forth to promote ways to get students involved. Honors Social Ambassador Lance Perry Quinones spearheaded the effort to bring the show to life as he worked with Publicity and Communications Ambassador Ashley Cervantes to co-host the event. 

“This event was intended to bring the learning communities together and step out of their comfort zone with this opportunity to express themselves freely,” said Quinones. “They may get a good laugh if intended by the performer or watch in awe as they spectate the vast array of skills brought to the stage.”

There were a total of seven performances featuring talents from dancing, singing and poetry. 

The first act was a dance cover of two songs, “Did It On’Em” by Nicki Minaj and “Honda” by FKA Twigs performed by Honors student Alexis Ramirez. Followed by two singing covers from Honors student Micah Simms performing “Take On Me” by a-ha and the MESA duo featuring Eliette Bustos and Cary Ihm performing “I Want It That Way,” by the Backstreet Boys. 

A brief intermission carried into the second act, beginning with a poetry reading from Umoja student Antonio Johnson and wrapping the show up with three singing covers; Honors student Kat Garcia performed “The Only Exception” by Paramore, Honors student Shanyda Soe performed “Ain’t My Fault,” by Zara Larsson and Transfer Academy student Elena Green performed “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. 

To crown the winner, votes were collected through audience feedback on a Google form to determine first, second and third place. Coming in first was Kat Garcia who was rewarded with $200, second place for Eliette Bustos and Cary Ihm who won $100 and third place going to Shanyda Soe who won $50.

The winner did not initially see herself as part of the event, but when Honors Advisor Jennifer Saito reached out to her to perform, she decided to let her voice shine on stage. A proud smile stretched across Garcia’s face as she expressed how “thankful” she was to be a part of the event and to see the “togetherness of everyone having fun.”

Impressed with each act, students Tatiana Torres described the environment as similar to “High School Musical, everyone is so talented,” and Nina Manayon recalled each performance as “really good, I was pleasantly surprised.” 

Quinones wanted to only “increase students’ inner confidence,” and allow them to step out of their comfort zone. Bringing student life together, the audience provided nothing but support as each act was full of smiles and applause.

“This connects students through a display of exhilarating fun that they will look back on with joy,” said Quinones. “Moreover, as we grow older, we will most likely be put in situations where we must execute tasks or speak in public, so events like these boost students’ self-esteem wherever they go.” 

Throughout the show, a supportive environment was centered both on and off stage as those who attended were surrounded by food and special performances to recognize LMC’s unique talents. As students and staff near the end of the spring semester, learning communities plan to keep the excitement going and carry similar events, such as the talent show, into future semesters to come.