Who is ‘Maurice the Mustang?’

LMC Mascot gets some attention


Joseph Giddings

Maurice the Mustang poses for the camera

Joseph Giddings, Staff Writer

If you have ever attended one of Los Medanos College’s many events hosted on campus, you may have found yourself in the presence of an outgoing and energetic dancing mascot, suited in his bright red LMC shirt, showcasing his pride and love for the college: Maurice the Mustang.

A staple for school spirit at LMC, Maurice has been part of the community for years, and even received a redesign since his initial debut in 2013 through the support of LMC President, Bob Kratochvil.

Maurice’s newest design is composed of a nearly 20-pound suit, featuring gloves, boots, and a body suit lined with ice packs and a built-in fan inside of the mascot’s head to keep its wearer cool as they show off their enthusiasm for LMC and its campus. Despite the difficulties posed by the temperature of the suit, as well as the limitation of sight through the head of the mascot, Maurice’s biggest strength lends itself to the level of secrecy and confidentiality that the suit allows, making it easier for its wearer to flamboyantly show off their school spirit, without the fear of judgment from others.

So, who is Maurice the Mustang? Anyone could be. Those wishing to take up the mantle of Maurice need to do so through the recommendation of Director of Student Life Teresea Archaga, and must show a connection with the campus through participation in organizations such as clubs, learning communities, student government and outreach programs. They must also possess the necessary characteristics to portray Maurice. 

“They have to have pride in the college, confidence … a very outgoing personality and they have to like to celebrate, they’re approachable and they are inclusive, they have that magnetic personality,” said Archaga. 

Many in the college community are attached to Maurice and the unified atmosphere that he creates.

“I think he brings a lot of joy on campus, and not only that but he gives us a real college feel, because every college has a mascot, ” said Student Life Associate and LatinX President, Jaime Salinas. “When he is either on campus or in the community he does create a bigger and more positive atmosphere.” 

While some may be desperate to know who it is under the suit, the true answer to the  question is not about who he is, but rather what he represents. Regardless of who is underneath the 20 pounds of fur and ice packs, Maurice represents more than the individual, and instead embodies the spirit of LMC and everything it has to offer. 

“Maurice is life, he is LMC, and he has taken on a life of his own over the years,” says Archaga. “Maurice is an essence, all of us could be Maurice.”