LMC hosts haunted hangout


Adriana Ivanoff

Student actor at haunted house event Oct. 25.

Adriana Ivanoff, Staff Writer

Multiple clubs at Los Medanos College participated in a haunted house event along with a Fall Fundraiser, Oct. 25. The campus was decked out in spooky Halloween decorations but kept it family-friendly for all the children who attended with their parents. 

The groups who decorated the campus, like Shenanigans Club, made use of the actual campus floor plan of twisted turns on the lower concrete floors and cold cement walls. Those who participated decorated all three floors and put a solid effort into the endeavor. 

The yellow streams of paper at the front entrance were meant to work as a divider from people peering into the entrance of the haunted house which really only ruined the spooky appeal. The outside setup for the main event was okay compared to what was inside. 

There was a DJ picking songs to fit the event, multiple mini-booths that were distinctively run and hosted by various clubs (such as the scrunchie booth), activities like the hand-drawn caricatures, and tables that served piping hot food for hungry students and their family members. 

The downside to having a multitude of activities is that they cost money. Despite the fact that the pricing was low, many booths were cash only, which made it less convenient for those attending the event without cash on them.

However, everyone who did have cash enjoyed the activities and products the booths provided. The haunted house wasn’t that scary due to the lack of available equipment which could provide the spooky effect in decorative purposes, like a fog machine or something more. But, the acting of the student zombies was like a theater performance at which they excelled. 

I remember seeing people bend acrobatically and in strange ways whether they were in a fixed position or trying to wig out the haunted house goers. They all had their cues and moments to shine. The costumes showed the students’ overall excitement for their performances because of the specific amount of detail that only a time-consuming matter could provide.

Actors used makeup and other objects to give texture, making their flesh look decomposed, charred and like it was peeling off. Some enthusiastic members wore striking contacts to make their eyes different, creepy colors. Everyone seemed to glow with this energy, buzzing with the hopes of scaring whoever entered. 

I think they did a great job with what they had; if they were given better equipment or a different area it might have gone better for them. With how much fun the ones putting on the event were having, the event was a good experience. It wasn’t frightening like haunted houses set up by the Pirates of Emerson, but nice just as a college hangout event.