Music classes hit the note

Get in the right key for credit


Spencer Batute

Music student Lucas Walker plays the piano in a Music Lab.

Spencer Batute, @batutie_

While the Los Medanos College Music Department is widely recognized for its prestige, it also maintains popularity among students for its broad array of introductory music classes.

This semester, the Music Department is offering classes such as Basic Music, College Chorus, Class Voice, Chamber Chorale, Gospel Choir, Jazz & Vocal Techniques and Basic Keyboard Skills to all students who might want to cultivate their musical talent, music major or not.

Joshua Reed, 21, is taking Jazz & Vocal Techniques to develop his singing voice and to expand his vocal register. Reed says he likes to sing in groups.

“It’s a little hard, but you just have to get into it,” Reed said. “And you have to be comfortable.”

Bona Nsiala, who works a day job as a plumber and takes Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and other appliance classes at LMC, decided to pick up music to heal himself. Nsiala is enrolled in Jazz & Vocal Techniques and Basic and Intermediate Guitar.

Although Nsiala has been playing guitar for ten years, he wanted to improve his techniques under the guidance of a teacher.

Nsiala has also always wanted to write music for others, “noticed it benefits my soul.”

Nsiala practices 30 to 40 hours per week, and can often be found in one of the many Music Labs, which offers students private rooms to play while earning a half unit for logging their hours spent.

“I think people need help through melody and song. Just one melody can heal billions of souls,” Nsiala said.

Lucas Walker, music major for transfer, has been practicing music since he was ten years old.

“It came naturally to me, really. As time goes on, it becomes your life,” he said.

Walker spends most of his time practicing in the Music Labs, and is looking to take advantage of the music classes, to learn more about the technicalities in the recording and mixing process.

Music professor Sylvester Henderson oversees the vocal, choral and piano area of the Music Department.

“Music helps you to see the world contextually and in a larger scope,” said Henderson. “It serves as an equitable pathway into higher education.”

The Music Department comprises Choral and Vocal Studies, led by professor Henderson; Concert Band, led by professor Luis Zuniga; MIDI, led by professor Kyle Chuah; Jazz Studies, led by professor Michael Zilber; Music Laboratories, led by Aaron Nakaji; and Piano programs.

The Music Department will hold numerous events this semester, beginning with the Fall Choral Adventure Concert Oct. 29 in the Recital Hall.