LMC celebrates LatinX culture

Funds raised with food and fun


Krys Shahin

Belem Naranjo (left) and Julia Aranda wrap and plate Brazilian and Peruvian foods to raise money for their LatinX Club.

Charles Reed, Staff Writer

As a part of Latin Heritage Month, the LMC Latin clubs held a joint fundraising event with representatives from Puente, La Raza, LatinX Leadership, United by Dreams, and SACNAS. This event was held on Monday Sept. 16th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The celebration had a positive impact on the Latin community.

“There are a variety of clubs hosting this event. This is something we do throughout the year—today is the kickoff Club Fundraising event, and they use these funds to sponsor events, scholarships, and other activities,” said Director of Student Life and Director of International Students Program, Teresea Archaga.

“I hope this event introduces people to all Latino culture,” said the head coordinator for the fundraiser, Salary Carrasco.

Tables were decorated with colorful clothes and displays from Peru and Mexico, featuring some handmade items meant to demonstrate the artistic, traditional music, celebration attire, and hand-drawn art.

The artist Nayelí Ramirez-Perez spoke about what inspired her hand-drawn art.

“I was inspired by Latina women,” said Ramirez-Perez.

She also spoke about some of her art inspired by the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead.” Other inspirations she had for her work include cacti and piñas.

The event held booths offering dishes from Peru and Brazil. Papas a la huancaína (Peruvian potato dish) and pão de queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bun) were a few of the foods featured. Co-Presidents Richard Preza and Erick Amaya, from the Group United by Dreams Club, had a booth where they served hot dogs and spread awareness about their group.

Preza explained that they were at the event raising money “for future events to raise funds towards scholarships.”

Preza also wishes to let the students of LMC know that the group is a safe place for any students who wish to learn more about the Latin culture.

La Raza President, Aderiana Campos, commented about her goals for her booth when she said she was “looking for awareness for the club, for the support of Latin-American Dreamers.” Campos also mentioned that her club is actively involved in volunteer work in the local community.

EMT student Joannie Suitos said that she “came to experience the culture and try some food” at the LatinX Event.