Local pubs offer diverse options for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and the Pittsburg and Brentwood area has a great variety of places to safely celebrate. Options range from quiet bars full of classic cocktails to rowdy pub-crawls.

St. Patrick’s Day, while fun, can also be dangerous with many drunk drivers taking to the road despite the danger caused to themselves and others. People who chose to partake should take steps to stay safe, whether that’s getting a designated driver or taking a taxi –safety is of the utmost concern this March 17.

If you are looking for a more high-energy evening, the typically packed pub-crawls in both downtown Brentwood and the Streets of Brentwood are your best bet. The downtown Brentwood crawl includes 311 Oak Street, a dive bar specializing in inexpensive drinks, Crown and Crow, a cocktail bar with one of the best whisky selections in Contra Costa County, and Manheim, a tap house with 48 beers on tap.

This event is characterized by its intensity – huge quantities of people flood the streets with long wait times and huge amounts of people. This crawl is a great option for people who want to have a wild night.

Slightly more relaxed but still quite lively is the Streets of Brentwood Crawl which features the bars in restaurants like CreAsian Bistro and Attraversiamo, and the wine and beer bar Vine and Grain. Vine and Grain is a wonderful option for those who want a party atmosphere, but also want wine options. Most of the restaurants also serve food making the Streets of Brentwood crawl more balanced.

Pittsburg’s brewery E.J. Phair is also a popular option to celebrate. The brewpub serves beer and food, specializing in pizzas cooked in their wood-fire oven and salads.   E.J. Phair brews their own beer, making it one of the few in the area that do so, making the restaurant a great choice for people who love craft beer and good food.

Finally, for a more restrained location, the small cocktail bar Barrelista in Martinez is an option for those looking for a more quiet night.

The bar specializes in carefully crafted cocktails and barrel aged beers. The cocktails tend to be spirit forward, classic styled drinks appealing to those who like to slowly sip something strong. The tiny space also de-emphasizes crowds while keeping an intimate atmosphere.

The wealth of diverse options in the area ensures that there is something for everyone who wants to partake in St. Patrick’s Day festivities.