Wedding bells ring in theatre

Azi Carter, [email protected]

Closing night for the LMC Drama Department’s play, “Reality Check” at the California Theatre Saturday, Dec. 9 proved to be the beginning of a new life for lead actor Jason Miller. As curtain call ended, Miller he took his final bow with a special spotlight was on him he began singing his rendition of “Dear Life” a song by recording Anthony Hamilton. Miller was setting the scene for his proposal of marriage to his girlfriend of 5 years Delajauntee Hall a recent graduate of Cal State, East Bay.  

     With the help of cast members and director Nick Garcia, everyone made sure Jason was equipped with proper lighting and song for the special moment making the night one to remember. Theatergoers watched with bated breath as Miller went to the audience and brought Hall to the stage where he took a knee and asked her to marry him in front of both their families, which included both his parents and 9 siblings. Hall’s parents and 7 siblings. The first 3 rows of the California Theatre were filled with the lovely couple’s family members, who all but Hall knew what was going on.

    “I had never seen my father cry.” Miller said, “he told me how proud he was of me.” s Miller is the youngest of his sibling at 27 years old, he is also the first to get engaged.

    Miller and Hall met at work with his life changing when she refused to date a co-worker, causing him to get another job so that she would no longer have that excuse for not dating him on her list. That was then, this is now they both work at A T&T Park in San Francisco.

    “I became somebody through loving you,” words taken from the song “Dear Life” tell the heartfelt emotions tied to the proposal.

“She is such amazing person, always putting others before herself,” said Miller adding, “that is one of the many reasons I love her so very much.”

  “I’ve learned so much from this relationship, but what has been most important was learning patience, and being willing to listen, “said Miller.

He explained that communication has made all the difference in his relationship.

“learning who a person is and how they react to things makes things much easier and has helped me to gain a broader perspective on life,” Miller said.

 Using the play as a backdrop for the proposal, Realty Check was the first play Miller performed in after changing his psychology major to acting this semester after taking his first drama class last spring. To celebrate his lead role debut, it was only fitting to use the platform for the proposal according to Miller.

“The drama department has really allowed me to break out of my shell,” Miller said. “Ppsychology wasn’t peaking me, I’ve found a platform that can still be used to make a mark in the world.”

Miller added that his mom flew in from North Carolina to see him perform and since it would have been a while before he saw his mom again, he felt that night “was the perfect time to include my entire family in the marriage proposal.”

Miller and Hall are planning a wedding but are conscious of spending too much money. “We are young, but we know the importance of a good foundation, so we want to purchase a home, a big wedding is not top priority,” Miller said.