‘Furious’ captivates with actor’s final role

It’s unfortunate that an eighth Fast and Furious movie is in the making because Furious 7 would have been the perfect way to end one of the greatest action movie franchises. This particular film centers on previously unfinished business between Dominic “Dom” Toretto and Ian Shaw, played by Jason Statham, after Shaw’s brother was left hospitalized. If you haven’t watched the previous movies, you might be confused about the significance of certain scenes.

There is a subplot in which the rest of the “Fast and Furious” crew including Brian O’Connor played by the late Paul Walker, his brothers, Caleb and Cody, and John Brotherton, Mia O’Connor (Jordana Brewster), Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Chris Bridges) and Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has to assist Dom to both locate the mother of all tracking devices and save the gorgeous female hacker, Megan Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) from being killed by a group of domestic terrorist and their leader, Jakande (Djimon Hounsou).

The only real downside to Furious 7 is that every time Toretto would gear up to do something badass, there would be an extreme close up on his face, then he would deliver some intimidating line announcing what he was about to do ‑ it got annoying after the first few times.

It was also a bit disconcerting to watch some of Walker’s scenes given the way he died. At the time of his death, they were only halfway done with the movie so Director James Wan worked with screenwriter Chris Morgan to rewrite the movie to better utilize the scenes they had already shot with him.

With the help of visual effects artists and extra actors, they were able to splice together dialogue and scenes in which Walker was not present for. You could tell that certain dialogue and scenes were included in the film as a tribute to Walker, however there was an eerie scene including Walker that made the scene more emotional because of things that took place outside of the movie.

Luckily there was enough comic relief mostly thanks to Gibson, Johnson and Bridges to offset the more emotional aspect of the film.

The movie included stunts that pretty much defied the laws of physics and even though some of them seemed ridiculously impossible and elaborate, they were still really cool to watch. Of course it wouldn’t be a Fast and Furious movie without the half-naked women, drag races, explosions and impressively filmed fight scenes.

Though the movie heavily relied on tropes and references to previous movies, there was an underlying theme of the importance of family and loyalty throughout the film, which pretty much encapsulates the message of the entire series. I don’t know if another movie could top the stunts in this installment but the series won’t be the same without Walker.