The 1920s are calling

Alexandra Tagliamonte

LMC held an open mic night in the cafeteria Friday April 12 with the theme being a 1920s Speakeasy. The event was hosted by LMC’s Honors and Shenanigans clubs. Honors aims to promote excellence while Shenanigans helps student hone their improv skills.

The event was held from 6 to 9 p.m. and the cafeteria was transformed from its usual mundane and dull look to something more akin to a 1920s bar. A piano was pulled into for performers to use and pretty fairy lights hung from the ceiling for a soft light affect. Attendees were dressed in vibrant costumes while most women wore typical flapper girl attire and men wore fedora hats and bow ties, all adding a charming touch of detail to the atmosphere.

LMC students who participated came prepared with written poems, cover songs, original music and lyrics, and comedy acts.

Highlights from the night included The Shenanigans Club from the Drama Department pulling audience members from their seats and making them a part of their skit. The game was called “Family Portrait” in which the members of the audience posed in funny or awkward positions every time a club representative said the work “click.”Then, Shenanigans members made several amusing comments or observations to get the rest of the audience laughing.

Most of the comedy acts were silly and rough around the edges, but it was a good start for those interested in pursuing a comedy career. Performers seemed somewhat nervous to be talking in front of an audience and often spoke fast, but jokes were amusing and had good intentions.

One of the standout performances came from LMC student Kevin De Guzman who covered Kanye West’s hit song “Heartless.” De Guzman used an acoustic guitar instead of the usual hip-hop tone he instead went with a cool bluesy-vibe that had the audience swaying back and forth in their seats.

Overall, the Speakeasy showed that LMC has undiscovered talent walking in its hallways.