New podcast put together by LMC students

“Exposition” hosts aim to cover a variety of topics

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

Los Medanos College’s new bi-weekly podcast titled “Exposition” was started by two students Micah Simms and Tatihn Mellieon, with three episodes published since their debut on April 6. The podcast was created to allow faculty and students to voice their opinions on topics that are relevant to their position or profession.

“The Exposition podcast is an interview-based series where we talk to a variety of faculty and students on campus at LMC, obviously, about a variety of topics,”  said Mellieon. “We want to talk about anything and everything.”

Before the podcast became a reality, the two creators initially saw the project as a “complete joke,” according to Mellieon. In the beginning, they would make each other laugh about it because “we both knew we wouldn’t be able to start a podcast so we would make a joke about it whenever we could,” said Mellieon.

However, after Mellieon and Simms attended a convention hosted by the Journalism Association of Community Colleges that took place on March 9-11, there was a workshop about podcasts that they especially found interesting.

“I’d say at least 10 percent of the reason I even went to the convention was because I saw that they had a podcast workshop and we both went,” said Mellieon, with Simms exclaiming at the end, “we should start a podcast!”

Plans continue for the two creators with interviews filling the weeks to come. Interviews with LMC Political Science professor Ryan Hiscocks are set for Thursday, April 13, and English professor L.D. Green is projected for the following week.

The “Exposition” podcast is available on YouTube and the LMC Experience. Targeting listeners who are open to learning about new topics that they might find interesting. 

Staff and students who are interested in appearing on the podcast can contact Tatihn Mellieon at [email protected] or Micah Simms at [email protected].