Movie Review: ‘IT: Chapter 2’


Movie Summary: “IT Chapter Two,” sequel to 2017’s horror hit “It,” was released in theaters Sept. 6. Set 27 years after the supposed defeat of Pennywise, the precursor’s main villain, the original gang finds themselves aged and back in their hometown for one last battle with the evil clown. The movie runs for two hours and 50 minutes and is rated R.

Krys Shahin:

Overall, I didn’t enjoy “It Chapter Two”. The movie was rated R for no other reason than because characters dropped F bombs every 20 seconds. I have never heard so many people laughing in a horror movie before. It was almost more like a comedy, thinking back, I think that’s how I will remember it.

The gore was gross, not in the good bone chilling way, but rather in the way that just made you feel nasty or made it look extremely fake.

The plot was slow moving and didn’t pay off in the end which made the final act beyond anticlimactic. It even made you regret the $12 you spent tickets and the nearly 3 hours of your life you just wasted even more.

The only “horror” aspects of the film were found in it’s truly horrible effects, terrible film score and obnoxiously loud jump scares that you could anticipate coming from miles away. All in all, IT sucked.


Spencer Batute:

“IT Chapter Two” is one of the most exhausting haunted house crawls I’ve ever been on.

One of the only redeeming qualities of “IT Chapter Two” is its comedic writing. But more often than not, my laughter wasn’t caused by witty punchlines, but from the absurdly abrupt shifts in tone from such wittiness to genuinely grim material. When bits of humor were implemented so haphazardly to serious topics like homophobia and the murder of children, I couldn’t help but feel confused and detached.

Sadly, this flip-flop formula lasts for nearly three hours. By the start of the final act, I was exhausted.

The characters appear 27 years older than they did in the 2017 precursor, but instead of aging in a way that adds a dynamic of maturity to the story, they function as the same children, only with adult bodies. I was mildly entertained.


Katie Loughran: 

“IT Chapter Two” was everything that I’d hoped it would be.

Having read the book, seen the original movie and it’s 2017 remake, this film checked off all my boxes and answered all of my previously unanswered questions about the series.

I still found myself watching the screen through my fingers despite already knowing what was going to happen next.

The way this movie is able to build up suspense could leave even the biggest Steven King fans on the edge of their seats.

I’m reluctant to give it 5 out of 5 stars because I think that anyone who tries to go into the movie completely blind and or without any prior knowledge of the previous It installments may not enjoy the movie as much.

I thought that this movie wrapped up the final chapter of the It saga quite nicely.