‘One Punch Man’ returns

Season two off to a good start

Dante Harrold, @DanteHerald

The first episode of the much-anticipated second season of “One Punch Man” does not disappoint in most regards by starting off with a strong punch.

The episode has an interesting premise. Series protagonist Saitama meets up with a man named King, someone believed to be the world’s most powerful hero. The irony is Saitama’s power is underestimated by the general public. Saitama has the power to end any bad guy that crosses his path with one single punch. In the general public’s eye, he is a non-existent hero while King gets all the fame.

The comedy featured throughout the episode is stellar. The extremely nonchalant nature of Saitama, even in the face of seemingly life-threatening situations, is displayed once again, and fans will likely rejoice at his reappearing characterization.

When Saitama comes across the foil character King, the dynamics between to the two escalate to a boiling point of laughter ultimately leading to the discovery King’s true colors.

The action scenes are also entertaining, with most of them featuring Genos, Saitama’s apprentice, taking on the villains. The animation during the fight scenes are clean and impressive and there is not a noticeable difference between the changing of animators from season one of “One Punch Man” to season two.

Together, the action and comedy blends perfectly and the action never gets serious enough to where it detracts from the comedy but still keeps the viewer engaged. The monsters are drawn to a disproportionate image to give the idea that they are extremely powerful while Saitama’s nonchalant, bland personality counteracts the powerful imagery.

Seeing Saitama just walk up to these humongous monsters always gives a good laugh.

There is an interesting subplot that hints about a possible crisis Earth will face that might need Saitama’s attention later in the series, as well as the introduction of a potential adversary for Saitama to vanquish. The introduction of the adversary seems like it will build throughout the rest of the season and could reach an anti-climatic end most likely ending in just one punch.

There is also foreshadowing of Saitama possibly having conflicts with other heroes threatened by him. A faction of hero’s want to recruit him and they won’t take no for an answer. Knowing how Saitama usually does stuff on his own, it will be interesting to see how this storyline plays out.

The most disappointing part of the episode is its lack of an opening song. The first season’s opening was heavily favored by many fans of the series, so it may come as an extreme disappointment to many to experience it without an opening.

The first episode truly succeeds in being something that will get the public excited for the rest of season two. You can watch the new subbed version season of “One Punch Man” exclusively on Hulu.