‘Death Cure’ better than predecessors


The latest post-apocalyptic young adult film “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” the third installment and adaption in the ‘Maze Runner’ series, hit theaters Jan. 26. The film  stars Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien returning as the main character Thomas to continue the fight against WCKED that put him and his friends in the maze and gain their freedom. 

The movie, in my opinion was the best of the three, and it had everything a film looks for when it comes to a concluding film in a series. It had drama, it had comedy, it had action, and it had a bit of realism to it as well. Coming from someone who wasn’t impressed with the second movie, “The Scorch Trials,” this newest addition is the film the series needed to rekindle interest from its audience.

Regardless of its Rotten Tomatoes rating, the people who plan to see the movie should do so with an open mind because it has been two years since the last Maze Runner hit theaters. It is also the last of the post-apocalyptic young adult films to come out.

The first Maze Runner movie debuted in a time when the Hunger Games movies were still at their hype, and the rising popularity of the “Divergent” films that eventually failed to finish initially drowned the “Maze Runner” movie.

Now that this third installment doesn’t have the other two movies lingering among them, it offers its own feel and entertainment. If the first movie had the popularity of ‘The Death Cure,’ it would have been received better.

‘The Death Cure’ film was also the longest of the three, as it told a compelling story, drwing in viewers. One thing that caught my eye was the character development of the film.

For a movie that was expected to come out a year ago, it seemed like the extra year of editing and reshooting helped the film at a whole, ending this trilogy on a high note.

For the readers, if you haven’t seen any of the “Maze Runner” films, I urge you to start from the beginning and see the progression of the films. Take notice how each actor and actress has grown throughout the series.

With wonderful performances from Dylan Obrien, Kaya Scodelario and Rosa Salazar, this film is a must see, and is underrated in my opinion compared to the many young adult films that have been released in the past five years.