SNES classic feels brand new

I was one of the lucky thousands of people able to purchase the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Edition Friday, Sept. 29 and haven’t been bored with it since. The original 1991 console has been re-released as a smaller, HD compatible system with 21 games built-in — one of which is the never before seen Star Fox 2.

Nintendo made the decision to put out a limited number of the consoles and stores like Target — where I bought mine — only had 300 units in stock.

Video games have always been a favorite of mine and I’ve played most every Nintendo console from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the newly released Nintendo Switch. Before the SNES Classic came out, I had never played Super Nintendo a day in my life.

It’s a brand new feeling to play nostalgic old games like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Street Fighter II. While you can argue the graphics aren’t as good as the ones we see in video games today, to be playing a game that’s from the 1990s in 2017 almost feels like a virtual time capsule. The gameplay is so captivating it brings back the feeling I had as a kid when I played the NES.

It’s also great that the new console is small and can fit in the palm of your hand.

If you lose all your lives you have to start all over again at your last checkpoint. The counsel does not include a “save progress” option on every game, which can be irritating from all the hours of playing the same level only to lose the progress just by messing up. There are times I wish the controllers were wireless, but I know Nintendo wanted to stay close to capturing the spirit of the original Super Nintendo as much as they could.

The SNES Classic is a purchase I’m glad I made especially since, according to the Boston Globe, it won’t be put back in stores until 2018.

If you’re a big fan of retro gaming, be on the lookout for the SNES Classic in the future.