“Supermarket” has everything you need

Logic begins his creative venture outside of music.

Marc Lopez, @KaptainMarc

Bobby Hall, better known as Logic, has begun his creative expansion from music with the release of his debut novel “Supermarket.” The Maryland rapper turned New York Times Best Selling author made history becoming the first rapper to ever earn the coveted title. ‘Supermarket’ tells the tale of young, depressed and recently dumped writer Flynn who finds himself working a summer job at his town’s local supermarket. The book dives into the psychological, creative mind of Flynn and the reader gets to witness his world collapse right before his eyes.

The dialogue is very expressive in the sense of chemistry between characters. Flynn is first introduced to the character known as Frank at the beginning of the book however it’s slightly indirect. After Flynn is hired at the supermarket, the proper introduction between the two is done and after one meeting together, Flynn has developed an obsessive friendship with Frank. The reasoning behind the obsession becomes clear once Flynn’s true intentions are brought to life by chapter 3.

Flynn also meets the book’s love interest Mia and these two are without a doubt in love. Readers can sense the chemistry between the two with moments such as Flynn being awkward around her and when Flynn believe’s Mia is serious, but is actually messing with him.

One noteworthy detail is that Flynn’s character closely resembles Hall’s own personality. This is very prominent throughout the book especially in chapter 6 “Panic,” when Flynn suffers a crippling anxiety attack.

In the acknowledgements section of the book, Hall tells the readers that he wrote the first part of the book during his “darkest times.”

“Part One of this manuscript was written in my darkest times, filled and riddled with anxiety and depression,” said Hall. “This book is a work of fiction but the undertow is based utterly and completely from my life, both mentally and emotionally.”

It was nice to see some of Hall’s own characteristics in Flynn’s. There are definitely moments of dialogue from Flynn that makes readers think “that sounds like something Logic would say.”

The writing style of the book is something I personally enjoy out of books. “Supermarket” is written as a standard fictional novel however Hall constantly breaks the fourth wall. Hall inserts himself in moments where it is needed and honestly Hall’s banter is rather funny a majority of the time. The book’s writing style also mimics one of Hall’s favorite authors Ernest Cline. Cline is best known for his New York Times best-selling book “Ready Player One”

The downsides of “Supermarket” have to be the confusing start to part two and the need for more detail in certain chapters.

Part two follows up the revelation at the end of part one. A new setting is introduced however it doesn’t seem clear that we are in a new setting. Hall flips between the new setting and back to the supermarket and then back to the new setting. Alongside this readers have to adapt to a new dynamic for the character Frank that also confuses readers.

Hall easily uses his interjections to get out from writing in-depth about certain parts the story. There are moments where he does it but in those certain moments, it felt like it could’ve used more detail.

“Supermarket” is a great novel to begin Hall’s venture away from spitting bars or spreading peace, love and positivity. Although there are parts of the novel that shows Hall’s inexperience being an author, “Supermarket” as a whole is a darky but entertaining venture into the world of a troubled artist.

“Supermarket” is available in retail stores nationwide and also on amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Supermarket-Bobby-Hall/dp/1982127139