Kari Faux release new EP

Brutally honest about her journey

Alex Camilli , @A_Carnation

Self-awareness is achieved in many ways, but the unfiltered nature of singer-songwriter Kari Faux has landed her new opportunities after her making the life changing decision of dropping out of college. The singer from Little Rock, Arkansas latest EP “Cry 4 Help” oozes both an unapologetic flagrance while being brutally honest.

Incorporating elements of funk, hip-hop and R&B, Faux has proven herself to be quite versatile. Faux refined this characteristic by working closely with the band The Internet, rapper Isaiah Rashad and Atlanta R&B duo Chloe x Halle. “Cry 4 Help” was released roughly a month ago on March 8, 2019, and as the title may suggest, this record explores the braggadocious rapper’s lowest lows.

The track listing includes five tracks that offer 17 minutes of content. Starting off the project is a song titled “Medicated” that strongly captures the listener’s attention with a punchy kick and snare.

Faux’s lyricism details herself being enamored by vices such as weed and alcohol because the two are ingrained into her coping mechanism.  

Contrasting the in-your-face drum arrangement are smooth chords from a pad that had the cutoff frequency altered. The repetitive hook adds to the laid back groove, but when the instrumental is cut the track takes an ominous turn. In an interview with personality Sway Calloway, Faux addresses the things that remedy her struggles with identity stating

“Weed, alcohol, little bit of sex, I really needed to face the things that bothered me the most,” said Faux, “So I got to be productive in the way that I’m going about figuring these things out and the only way I felt like I could do it is music.”

The next track “Leave Me Alone” features vibrant production that has characteristics of funk. The eclectic soundscape includes a smooth live bass performance with an exuberant chorus that brings in lush synths and layered vocals. As the song comes to an end the Rhodes piano melody establishes a melancholic vibe.

“In the Air” features Jetlife founder Currency (stylized Curren$y) who delivers a charismatic verse to match Faux’s. They share a nonchalant demeanor throughout the track, where reverb and delay are effects that stand out in the mix. “Night Time” is the following track that uses similar effects to complement Faux’s chill delivery.

This song features production by the producer bLAck pARty who is Faux’s longtime friend and collaborator. Actress Amandla Stenberg played the violin that glides into the chorus and outro. Minimalism is used during the verse to create a sense of intimacy as Faux sings about the explicit nightlife she has grown to admire alongside glittering chords.

Finishing off the EP is “Latch Key” where Faux laments her failed relationships and enduring the heartbreak of having a miscarriage. The two verses feel like a journal entry in order to cope with the lasting impact of those events. As the beat drifts into silence I can’t help but admire her ability to recount the troubling matter. Stories are skewed in music so often but “Cry 4 Help” truly tells it how it is in a blissful fashion.