Small, Spooky, Hunny Rock Berkeley

A.R. Broom , @AlexanderRBroom

What was initially a two artist show, which was canceled due the headliner getting caught in the snow, turned out to be a fantastic function with three artists in conjunction. Hockey Dad, an Australian surf rock duo were initially set to play alongside headliner Hunny, Saturday Feb. 9 at Berkeley, CA’s Cornerstone Craft Beer and Live Music hall, but the recent weather conditions made getting to the venue from Reno, NV impossible for Hunny.

Hunny later came through for their loyal fans, however, by announcing later that they would be making it to Berkeley the following weekend.

The opening act was Small Crush, an Oakland based Pop-Rock group that offers up what they call “fun! natural fun!” with short tracks featuring lighthearted lyrics on those relatable feelings a lot of people have in our adolescence. None of the four are even in their twenties yet, but they sounded and acted like seasoned pros on stage, set up the crowd perfectly for a good time and enjoyed themselves in the crowd after their set.

San Francisco based Spooky Mansion went up for the second 30 minute set. Lead singer Grayson Converse pumped out wonderfully tight, sultry vocals, almost hopelessly romantic lyrics, as well as dance moves to impress baby Groot. These provide what their Soundcloud describes as “music to kiss your boyfriend to.” It works.

The show ended with a 50 minute bang provided by Hunny who had everyone rocking through the entire set. There’s no doubt it had the other half of the venue, which the concert hall was closed off to, either a little jealous, or maybe annoyed.

Synthy and poppy at times, but totally loud and unafraid about themselves, Hunny’s unique, yet familiar sound is easy to grasp on tightly to with audience favorites like “Televised,” “Vowels” and “Natalie.”

Cornerstone is worth dropping into before the show, with a vast selection of good brew and food that you’d think fondly of in the weeks after. Each of the groups are worth looking into if you want to have a great time.