Drama gets ‘Connected’

New play discusses social media


A.R. Broom

Connected cast members post performance.

A.R. Broom , @AlexanderRBroom

Los Medanos College Drama Department shut the curtain for the final time on their rendition of Lia Romero’s “Connected” to a sold-out show April 29.

The transition heavy show was a series of interactions among the main characters, totaling 90 minutes with no intermission. “Connected” featured a tale about Justin Bieber going to prom with a local high school student who went viral while asking another student to prom and video game interactions that turn into real life interactions, hanging out with the popular girls and forming a bond between a teacher that was less than appropriate.

The theme of the play appeared to be that it may be more difficult to develop interpersonal relationships in real life, they tend to be the best relationships you may have.

In addition to real life relationships, the play covers a few other social discrepancies many of us, but most likely the younger generation, face today.

The play’s director and LMC Drama Department instructor, Nick Maccarone, explained.

“I think it’s relevant actually to high school kids…I think it’s especially difficult because they’ve never known anything else [than social media the internet and their phones],” said Maccarone.

Two of the cast members, Mariane Seminario and Jason Wolcott, were able to relate to the theme and experiences of this successful play. Seminario, who played the character Jerralyn, and Wolcott, who played the role of a student, Sam, said they could relate to their characters.  

“I don’t tend to use social media too much, the only thing I use is snapchat to stay in contact with other people in the cast,” said Wolcott, which is reflected in his character, Sam, who despite his ability to interact simply does not have too many friends due to having recently moved.

Wolcott stays in contact with those that matter to him just fine through calling, texting and actually speaking with people, a self proclaimed “old soul.” On the other hand, while his castmate Seminario does use social media, she can relate to her character in much the same ways, but has made the move to lessen her use of her phone and social networks.

“At least try it out, get off your phones a little bit, hang out and do something,” said Seminario.“We used to go outside and hang out until the street lights turned on.”

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