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Relax in ceramics class

When people think of night classes they think of it as an option for people who work during the day. But some night classes at LMC are for people who want to manage to fit a fun and creative classes into their schedule. This is the case for most of the students in the evening ceramics class.

Every week there are only three art classes held at night, not giving much variety for students to pick from. Part-time instructor Roger Yee teaches Intro to Ceramics on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

“The atmosphere of this class is very relaxed and self-paced. The students are allowed to work on projects that appeal to them,” said Yee.

Student Darlene Brown started taking art classes at night with her daughter last semester, and decided to return this semester. “This class is very laid back,” she said, “you can come in here, work on some art, and relax.”

Yee allows for the students to decide what projects they will work on. Depending on whether the student uses on the wheel or prefers hand-building, he gives them basic assignments and allows them to come up with their own creative spin.

For some students in the class, ceramics is a requirement for their major. Fine Arts major Candiss Pascual decided to take a night class because it fit her school schedule, and although she prefers day classes, “I decided to take a night class because it allowed for a break in my school day,” she said.

Pascual is one of the few who enrolled in ceramics because it went with her major. Jennifer Bennett, second year student, decided to take it for different reasons.

“My friends signed up for it, and we decided it would be a fun way to spend time together, while working and going to school full time,” she said.

No matter the reasons, “an art class at night allows people of all ages to come to class and share in imaginative ideas,” says Yee. It may not count toward a degree or certificate for all of the students enrolled, but it grants students permission to use their imagination.

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