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Soda ad trivializes social justice

Soda ad trivializes social justice

Adria Watson

April 7, 2017

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What do you get when Kendall Jenner approaches armed police officers with a can of Pepsi during a peaceful protest? Not an officer mistaking her fizzy drink as a gun and proceeding to shoot her with rubber bullets and bean bags nor do you see protesters in the background being tear gassed or pepper...

Pro-life protest sparks discussion

Perry Continente,

February 23, 2017

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Few topics are as divisive, or as likely to provoke, as abortion. So when Project Truth, a pro-life group — who routinely display large bloody banners of aborted fetuses — arrived on the Los Medanos College campus, and a group of pro-choice students staged a counter protest complete with free condoms...

Thick skin key for Trump years

Jeffrey Mitchell Matthews, Guest Columnist

November 17, 2016

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I understand that many of you are pissed-off, afraid and/or worried by the election of Donald Trump, and rightfully so. This is the first time the political shit has really hit the fan in your young lives. I remember freaking out when Reagan was elected as president (against my vote) in 1980, the sam...

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