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Ignorance isn’t an excuse

April 13, 2017
Filed under Editorial, Perspectives

Today’s political climate almost requires you to keep up with what’s going around you and if you’re one of those people who say you don’t watch the news, you’re in for some serious problems. And today, not only do you have to pay attention to the news, you have to watch out for unreliable new...

Death penalty back on ballot

Beatriz Hernandez,
November 3, 2016
Filed under News, Top Stories

A hot topic often discussed in class, the death penalty is back on the ballot with two propositions. The first initiative, Prop 62, focuses on repealing the death penalty, while a yes vote on Prop 66 looks to change death penalty procedures to speed up the appeals process. This is not the first time...

Is Kaepernick correct?

Garrett Belme,
September 7, 2016
Filed under Sports

San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made headlines recently for not standing up during the singing of the national anthem before two preseason games. Kaepernick said he refuses to stand and celebrate the United States in the wake of controversial killings of unarmed black citizens...

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