Thick skin key for Trump years

Jeffrey Mitchell Matthews, Guest Columnist

November 17, 2016

I understand that many of you are pissed-off, afraid and/or worried by the election of Donald Trump, and rightfully so. This is the first time the political shit has really hit the fan in your young lives. I remember freaking out when Reagan was elected as president (against my vote) in 1980, the sam...

LMC students voice political opinions

Cassie Dickman, cdickman@lmcexperience.com

November 3, 2016

Based on a political survey about the election conducted by the Los Medanos College Experience over the past few weeks, the verdict is clear — students aren’t happy with their choices. This attitude coincides with the overall theme of how most millennials have been reported to view this election nat...

Politics meets academia: elections used in lecture

Candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump dropped into an LMC class via the techniques of Photoshop.

Cassie Dickman, cdickman@lmcexperience.com

October 21, 2016

The 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been one of the most contentious in recent U.S. history and there has been a lot of debate — by both Democrats and Republicans — about how the country got to this point, but can the situation serve as a teaching tool for...

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