Honor Club Delivers

‘Pizza for a Second Chance’ a success

Even on a cold and rainy day, LMC’s Honors Club did its part for their community Nov. 20 by hosting the fundraiser “Pizza for a Second Chance” for Pittsburg’s Opportunity Junction.

“It’s a program that helps people who were alcoholics or drug addicts get back on their feet,” said student Yamet Pizon.

The Opportunity Junction, located at 3102 Delta Fair Blvd. in Antioch, offers easily accessible job training not just for alcoholics or drug addicts, but for anyone who needs it the most.

The organization has several programs offering training in computer skills, business skills and academic skills like English and math. It even offers paid internships to graduates of the program to help instill the confidence to succeed.

The junction is always looking for funding and donations, for which the Honors club dedicated their Thursday.

The students of the Honors Club set up tables in CC3 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. selling pizza, sodas and water from $1 to $2.50. All profits went directly to the organization.

“We’re constantly finding ways to reach out,” said member Addie Lyon of the club, although she said it is “mainly an academic club.”

Fellow member Danny Williamson added that joining the club requires a minimum 3.25 GPA, two honors classes per semester as well as fulfillment of club hours.

But helping out the community is nonetheless a huge part of the club’s purpose. While community service hours are a requirement, the members seemed genuine and passionate to give back to their community in any way they could.

“Tomorrow we’ll be making 150 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to give to the homeless,” said Williamson.

And you’d better believe they will, despite any hindering weather conditions.

All bundled up in hoodies and scarves, it was obvious the club members probably didn’t anticipate the unusually dreary weather to be selling ice-cold beverages. Regardless, many students contributed to the cause, as they all seemed game for some piping hot pizza.