‘Stand Up’ brings on the laughs

‘Stand Up’ brings on the laughs

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Pete Costanza

Stand Up Guys, directed by Fisher Stevens, is a comedy crime film starring two iconic actors that will have you laughing, despite the lack of continuous action.

The movie starts with Val, played by Al Pacino, being released from jail after serving 28 years. His best friend Doc, played by Christopher Walken, is there to meet him. After being locked-up for so long, Val wants to party and the madness ensues, but there is a twist. Doc must kill Val by the morning to settle up because Val killed the only son of “Clapp Hands” – the boss of the crime syndicate. Val is aware of the situation and the night serves as a celebration and as a last hurrah. He is committed to going out with a bang while crushing up blood pressure medicine to snort it. The two men are old cons that have not lost their touch for the criminal life and go on a night of debauchery. They break into a drug store, visit a house of ill repute, take a joy ride in a stolen car and break out the third member of their crew from an old folk’s home. Hirsch, Played by Alan Arkin, had a brief cameo in this geriatric gangster film.

The movie was slow-moving, but was enjoyable and is a true tale of friendship and loyalty. The film may not be nominated for any awards, as it was no Suicide Kings, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Seeing the iconic actors play off each other with sarcastic dialogue will have you chuckling from start to finish.