Spreading your wings to ‘fly’

Jordyn Toscano, @Jordyn.toscano

October 24, 2019

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been determined to skydive. I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve wanted to freefall out of a plane at 13,000 feet in the air since I was 12 years old. Don’t worry, I’m not insane. I’m just extremely adventurous. Skydiving used to be considered a dangerous fe...

Entertainment robs us of a full life

Joseph Johnson, @PicassoJoe

October 18, 2019

Society has turned reality into a fantasy. As electronics and the media continue to take over each generation more and more, it makes people see things that are happening in the real world through a television screen. The more this happens, it makes the people viewing the content disconnect from the actu...

Do not condone violence

Krys Shahin, @Krysshah

October 18, 2019

In a time where we can see drastically graphic images, even by accident, on social media or watch movies with just a little too much violence integrated into them, we typically do not expect the President of the United States to entertain such content.  Recently, an edited video clip from 2014...

Ignorance isn’t bliss politically

Katie Loughran, @Katie__Loughran

October 18, 2019

They say ignorance is bliss, but that doesn’t apply to political ignorance. It’s easy to think that it is bliss, because remaining uninformed and ignoring the unpleasantries of those in power may allow you to focus on yourself. You can create a bubble in which you can’t be harmed with scary in...

Fear disasters, they’re coming

Hilary Hectrick, Staff Writer

October 18, 2019

Natural disasters are everywhere. With wildfires, floods and earthquakes happening at the drop of a hat, we need to be prepared. The earthquake that happened 10:35 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14 has me thinking, “Am I prepared?”  We should all have a plan. We are never guaranteed that there won’t b...

7 seconds of insane courage

Jordyn Toscano, @jordyn.toscano

October 11, 2019

Once upon a time, I wrote about a version of myself that once was in the past. I used to be extremely shy. I used to hide behind a facade, denying the hurt and frustration inside. I used to be scared of love and hate and the unpredictable future. I used to be this, and think that. Until recently, I be...

It’s okay not to know life’s ‘plan’

Spencer Batute, @batutie_

October 11, 2019

I graduated from high school as your typical type-A student: a 4.0+ GPA, a résumé with many AP classes, and a class rank just shy of top ten. Shortly after moving away to college, I encountered one of my first serious bouts with major depression and anxiety. My pre-existing performance anxiety in school a...

Lets keep things secular

Dante Harrold, Staff writer

October 11, 2019

Every person has a right to secular government just as much as they have the right to a Democratic government. It is in fact mandated under the First Amendment of the United States that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Under the current Administration, government of...

Editorial Cartoon 10/11/19

Damon Amerine, Guest Cartoonist

October 11, 2019

Hope can heal, thought can kill

Adriana Ivanoff, Staff Writer

October 11, 2019

Humanity, is that scary and inexplicable moment when you look into another’s eyes and understand that they have seen their fair share of wars and carry the aftermath in scars. Our eyes carry the marks of our souls, although society trains us to ignore the outlasting details that paint the world. I...

Fight to protect abortion rights

Yesenia Mendez, Guest Columnist

October 4, 2019

Forcing a woman to have a baby is the biggest crime our country could make. When I say our country, I mean the men in our country.  According to the Center for American Women and Politics, as of 2019, “127 women hold seats in the United States Congress, compromising 23.7 percent of the 535 me...

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