LMC should give better directions

Sophia Ornelas
February 19, 2020

Our college’s layout is compact when compared to a university, however, incoming students find it difficult to navigate the school. Whether it be searching for their class in the College Complex, or...

Treat children like children

Taylor Meads, Guest Columnist
February 19, 2020

     As humans, we are constantly making decisions we know we will be held responsible for. But should the same go for children? Children do not fully understand the consequences of their actions...

Healthcare in America needs a revamp

Editorial Board
December 5, 2019

Healthcare in the united states of America should not be as expensive as it is. Forcing people to pay the funds that they currently do is hilariously outrageous and expecting the middle class to be able...

Let’s all try to be far less toxic

December 5, 2019

The United States is home to only four percent of the Earth's population, yet it alone is responsible for producing more than 30 percent of the planets total waste. It seems like garbage is going to swallow...

Let’s free college tuition for us all

Joseph Johnson, Staff writer
December 5, 2019

College should be free in this day and age as technology is taking over. One reason why college should be free is because there are people that have given up on their dreams because they cannot afford...

Women’s Portrayal in the Media

Katie Loughran, Staff writer
December 5, 2019

What was she wearing? How did she look? Was she asking for it? Questions like these are typically among the first things asked of female rape and sexual assault victims. Besides the dismissive, irresponsible,...

Be aware of the world

Adriana Ivanoff, Staff Writer
November 21, 2019

I have found that the failure of the world exists within multiple conditions.  The first is how the youth die young and the old outlive us. The catastrophic death tolls skyrocket behind any and every...

We need gun control now

Krys Shahin, @Krysshah
November 14, 2019

With the most recent school shooting in America being Nov. 14 at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, we need to take action against guns now. A 15-year-old should not be able to get a weapon and take...

Letter to the editor

November 14, 2019

As an alumnus, some of you may smile as you remember a time when #CupOfJoBruno was a regular LMC dose of bitter-sweet wisdom growing up in Pittsburg. I’m glad you’re still here. For those of you who...

Social media harms our love

Hazel Recinos, Staff Writer
November 14, 2019

Social media is known to be beneficial in ways that can inspire us to be creative. It can also be a great platform for connecting with people. But are we ready to admit that social media can also be harmful?  Relationships...

Media, love or hate

Katie Loughran, @Katie__Loughran
September 26, 2019

I truly do not believe that I would be the same person who I am today without the media's influence on almost every aspect of my life. It has opened my eyes to wonderful things as well as terrible things....

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