Vince Staples ‘FM!’ short but sweet

Vince Staples 'FM!' short but sweet
Alex Camilli, @A_Carnation
November 15, 2018

The acronym FM is commonly associated with stereo systems capable of producing frequency modulated waves on the radio. Rapper Vince Staples has definitely made waves with his latest effort “FM!” Staples...

EOPS Priority Registration Event

November 15, 2018

EOPS will be hosting a priority registration event on campus Nov. 19 and Nov. 20th. The event is to encourage students who are foster youth, veterans and Calworks students take advantage of their priority...

LMC welcomes social justice major

LETICIA ROBLES, Staff writer
November 1, 2018

Los Medanos College is offering a new social justice major. San Francisco State University was the first school to offer the major, and now LMC is following their lead. “The same people that created...

Pantry chef cooks up healthy food for thought

John Nguyen participates in the cooking demonstration.
A.R. BROOM, @AlexanderRBroom
November 1, 2018

Tuna, green beans, and pumpkins were on the menu Tuesday when the Los Medanos College Food Pantry held an interactive cooking demonstration lead by Gwenn White of Contra Costa Health Services. Like...

Fall festival a fun time

Hillary Hetrick, @hillarymhetrick
November 1, 2018

Los Medanos College held their third annual Fall Festival event which showcased clubs and departments, most of which had treats to sell or fall activities for attendees to participate in. The event was...

Q&A with James Looney

Q&A with James Looney
Connor Horsfield, Contributor
November 1, 2018

Q: You currently have a 20/235/2 line through six games. With four games left in the season you're on pace for a 33/391/3 line for the season, do you think that's about right? Or do you think that you'll...

The 14th Amendment revisited

Nick Campbell, @nicky_charles
November 1, 2018

     President Trump, in a desperate attempt to fire up his base ahead of the midterms, has now found a new boogeyman to focus on. The caravan of migrants didn’t work, so he’s turned to the outrageous...

United States Men’s National Team struggling, but hopeful

October 18, 2018

The United States Men's National Team has come under fire the past few months and deservedly so. One of the causes for concern is the failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. They only needed to beat...

Oakley walks ‘out of the darkness’

Oakley residents hold up banner to represent community organization.
MARC LOPEZ, Staff writer
October 18, 2018

You never forget the feeling that hits when you hear the news that you’ve lost a friend to suicide. In shock and awe, many begin to feel guilty, question everything and often become depressed. Vanessa...

Scoring goals on and off the field

Carissa sits in grass with her daughter, Reese.
LILLY MONTERO, @lilly_montero3
October 18, 2018

Carissa Day’s life took an unexpected turn when in her junior year of high school she found out she was pregnant with her first child, Reese Everleigh Treff. Reese was unplanned, but ultimately a blessing...

Shell Oil encourages women to take the lead

October 18, 2018

Los Medanos College invited students, as well as others from local area schools and workforce development organizations to attend a Shell Oil sponsored event highlighting opportunities available to women...

Measure R faces opposition with midterms weeks away

DALE SATRE, @DaleSatre
October 11, 2018

Contra Costa County voters have a thick packet of state and city propositions on the ballot this November, but a county ballot measure is being proposed as well. Measure R, sponsored by the county...

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