Movie Review: ‘Don’t Let Go’


Lacey Terrell • Universal Pictures

Movie Summary: “Don’t Let Go,” starring David Oyelowo and Storm Reid, was released on Aug. 30. Jack Radcliff (Oyelowo, right) receives a haunting phone call from his recently murdered niece Ashley (Reid). Jack, a detective, travels through time and technology to prevent Ashley’s murder. The movie runs for 1 hour and 47 minutes and is rated R.

Spencer Batute:

“Don’t Let Go” is a well-produced, tightly directed sci-fi sleuth story that struggles to support the weight of its top-heavy plot.

The quality of acting is what you expect from a Hollywood hit, with decent enough writing behind it.

The synth-heavy, minimalist score is superb and tastefully implemented throughout the film. Where most thrillers rely on big, cliche noises to elevate tension, “Don’t Let Go” uses ambient drones to emphasize the atmosphere of isolation felt by the main protagonist. A number of creative shots and transitions also add some unique flare.

The pacing is steady enough so that the paranormal plot device meshes believably with the world, but only to a certain point, it missed its mark.

The latter half of the film takes the rules and runs with them just a bit too quickly. What could have been head-spinning revelations end up falling flat because I was always one step behind where the movie wanted me to be.

It’s an entertaining ride while it lasts, but I didn’t walk out of the theater having felt anything new. If you’re wondering if you should see this movie, here’s my suggestion to you: just let it go.


Katie Loughran:

If I had to describe “Don’t Let Go” in a few words, it was different than the normal approach to an airplane film. It leveled an amount of entertainment to keep a captive audience bored watching a two-hour flight movie but still be informative to learn new things.

Seeing the movie in theaters, left me a bit remorseful that I’d spent a little more than $8 on the ticket. The decent pacing and occasional unexpected moments warrant a rating higher than 1 star, but minimal thrill and decent acting still kept me interested.

The overall tone of the movie came off serious despite the clearly strange element of time travel that was forced into the movie to make it stand out. The convoluted sci-fi element comes up short, leaving the slow first half of the movie more boring than thought-provoking. The best parts of “Don’t Let Go” arrive towards the end where there is a brief viewing of action and tension.

“Don’t Let Go” is most likely going to become a film that will be forgotten or remembered for being uninteresting, but one thing’s for sure — it won’t win any Oscar or award.